What are your electroneum dreams?


Be the new Hugh Hefner.


I would just love to be a lazy b*****d until the day I die and share wealth with family and friends.


To live a life of freedom and be financially stable.
To have something left for my family tree
Being mascot to those in need


I want to buy a 45ft catamaran and sail around the world, free from debt and name my boat ‘Didn’t HODL’


To just wake up every morning and not have to go to my boring job and work my a$$ off for peanuts.
To wake up every morning and feel total freedom knowing I can do what I want when I want. :smiley:


i hope our all dream will be real in several years by etn


Thanks for all the posts everyone , and for etn tweeting this…



So much on ETN team. They will double their hard work… Enjoy the swing


Well, my dream is to live using only cryptocurrency. Owning no fiat money.


@eFiJy exagerate :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you haven’t read this yet I’ve come up with a concept and am trying to get feedback whether it be good or constructive criticism. Also trying to see the interest by the community so vote if you like this concept! Thanks and enjoy your day !


I think a thing like this is possible if we, not only as a community but a real e-family, open a new wallet and give everyone an amount of etn he can afford or want, and many years later decide if cashback or hold in that wallet. Of course, the cashback is in percentage of how had put in that wallet. But don’t know. We should trust because basically we do not know each other


Kind of like investing in a bond? I believe this would be best done if handled by Electroneum or another different sub division handled by Electroneum where you could buy a share or bond or whatever that you have to hold 5 or 10 years. @Stefo


Should be a good idea. But i prefere if managed directly from etn, because we know when you say sub-division you say lawyers that probably fuck-off the main concept and look only their doughs and interestes. Should be a self-managed project given in the hands of someone of the admins


Should have an account register where all members that are in the project are signed, the amount of etn given and the percentage that cover in the total amount.


What I mean by sub division is they have someone working for electroneum directly do this. I say sub division because it is not something they need to be working on directly. They could hire someone to work for Electroneum and head this up. I completely agree with you @Stefo


I understand what you mean, but ad you say, should be only etn hands


Once KYC is smooth I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to incorporate buying a 5 year bond in electroneum? I would most likely do this if it were an option threw Electroneum!


Hope @ETNCEO will help us with this idea


Definitely! A sub division within Electroneum ! Or a team! I’m not sure of the proper word exactly but I’m glad you understand @Stefo !