What are your electroneum dreams?


I want to be an ambassador in Czech republic where I moderated the group with over 1800 members :slight_smile:



I want Tesla roadster the new model instead of lambo or anything else. If everything go fine maybe some of us in near future will have dreams filled. :slight_smile:


Yes, I was just kidding. I don’t understand why all people who made money out of cryptos buy Lambos. And not Ferraris.
And yeah, the 2022 Tesla roadster is the car to have.
Fastest production car ever, and can do 1000 km with one charge. That’s incredible!


Such a fun topic. I want time to spend with my family and the financial freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. Oh, and a bottle of 1989 La Mission Haut Brion.


Expensive taste buds their my friend hahahhahaha , I sincerely hope you get it !!

Fingers crossed before the year ends


First of all, I would take a month vacation to Bahamas, Belize, Bali, Hawaii,or something like that.
I would linger on the beach, sipping on cocktails and thinking about my future and how will I further invest my profits.

My current idea is to buy a building and use it as a crypto store, where people can come to be informed about cryptocurrencies in general and blockchain. It will have different sections, where people can learn how to create and use a wallet and of course a section where you could buy every coin you would like directly from the store. Not through an exchange, but directly from me.
I like this idea very much, as I imagine older people will have a tough time getting used to this new technology, especially if it will replace fiat money for good. Heck, they are not fully aware of credit cards either.
And I want to believe that this type of store will exist everywhere in a few years.


Great idea on the crypto store … High Street crypto !! Patent that quick …
Amonth vacation sounds like bliss


It will be the next big thing and will replace crack dealers.
We will have institutions that will no longer treat drug addiction, but instead they will have big problems with the cryptoheads. :slight_smile:


I think within this community we have that problem anyways ,

Gotta get me some etn maaaaan



retirement…hehe :grin:


If we can get this sucker to $3 I am going to have a very large Margarita.


I always thought if people just abbreviate it to “E” it could cause some confusion… “can I pay you in E, Chris T, you’ll be like all loved up with “E” dude!”



Minor potential for misunderstanding.


Hahahaha , I’m way too old for that malarky hahahhahaha , funny though


When one electroneum hit $5000 then I will $2trillion Mansion and some slightly used Pigeout car and a bicycle


I’ll be happy to pay off some of my mortgage and treat the family. That’ll make life more comfortable and easier:). Cheers to that thought. Roll on ETN.


Superb idea mahn plz contact support…


The only dream i want to realize is live in relax, without stress of the monthly taxes and keep a little stash for grant a solid future to my little daughter. And if i can, give a large tip to childs hospital and research. No Lambo or large house needed. :blush:


build my own business , donate in animal activity