What are your electroneum dreams?


Make mistakes.
Claim victories.

Be part of history.


This gives Tanwax massive FOMO I am flipping around on the floor in a FOMO conniption fit and back is hurting again.


Dream for Electroneum? In TOP 20 on coinmarketcap!


#1 is the goal and in all of reality it is also longterm very possible considering most of the competition is pretty dull and obsolete in the big perspective.
Not saying there is good competition out there, but mostly they are still lacking severely comparing them with us.
Our usecase is miles ahead of anything on the “top market” imo


Definitely a keeper, congrats!

Why not go here to get that seaplane rating when moon:

They have cute little guest cabins right on Trail Lake for couples. :wink:


There’s something going on with that Back to the Future gif @Plankton. I was scrolling up past it, my browser “glitched” and jumped to December '18 on this thread. :thinking:


Did you get up to

88 scrolls per second… ??


Must have. :+1:
20 :+1: