What are your electroneum dreams?


We are all involved with electroneum for one reason , nevermind hodling etc it’s the price the money. How much we make.

So when etn has mooned and you have made a good profit where do you want to be , what do you want to do …

My dream one day I WILL have a house like this

A log cabin
my own land
Surrounded by woodland…

Peace and tranquility that’s I all ask . Happy family , safe , secure and free from the clutches of debt , stress and worry.
Something to pass down the family tree

… to dream
… Is to live

and as a side business a farm come amusement park…

So what do you think ? What is YOUR etn dream ?


Rise like the phoenix


ETN our hopes and our dreams what is your dream?

Awesome house @Chris_T we rise like a Phoenix for sure i will write here later what my dreams are :wink:


I want to donate most to animal sanctuaries and give to people in need. However if we go really high in value I would consider building my own (public) Skatepark :slight_smile: Other than that I prefer a very simple life.


I wanna move back to south america and have a little house on the coast and relax and spend my time helping people adopt to using electroneum :slight_smile:


Low/Short term: A trip to Japan and another cruise… Or maybe take some freinds to Florida for Disney and Universal. :slight_smile:

High/Long term: A nice size house and a spending spree in a few comic shops. :smiley:


Freedom, nothing more.


Yeah I know exactly what you mean…

One day !!


ETN on Amazon?incredible!


So i would come back on writing my dreams here @Chris_T and @M-Kid and of course everyone else …

My dream would be to be financially independent and not work for a boss anymore then i would try to help my family where i can and i do live in The Netherlands currently but i’ve always wanted to live in America so together with my Girlfriend i would move to America and get a nice little house with maybe an Audi and an American Muscle for in the weekend and who know’s a chopper bike and a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle and then i would start my own businesses to keep building myself up and to do my own thing and most likely i will have a big garden with the house because i think me and my Girlfriend will have a lot of Animals and i think from that moment on ill be super happy already :sunglasses:


Sounds perfect , yeah I’d like to be in Montana. Big sky mmmm. UK is ok but no America lol never been to the Netherlands … one day etn will allow it


I just want a down payment on a house. I would give anything to own a house. I’m in California and I’m so sick of renting a room and being forced to deal with the landlord’s personality faults. There is a whole rainbow of personality faults. I won’t elaborate or this will become an extremely long post. Not being able to own a house or have any hope of owning one is depressing. I was really hoping I got lucky with Electroneum and could sell a portion off to get a down payment for a house.
But that is a speculation, we have to deal in reality…day to day reality.


Stay positive , I’ve been through similar and still am but , I have total faith that etn will bring us the future we are searching for and more … good luck


Just a backpack… Just a backpack :slight_smile:


Freedom of movement.


A top of the range Lexus and a cottage in Wales and I’ll be as happy as Larry :grinning:


yes you my friend get it :smile:


I just want to live on my own island in Caribbean. Drink Caribbean rum smoke cigar…
But your house look interesting. I buy it from you :smiley:


Not having to fight with fudsters anymore, because they will have all realised their coin is a shitcoin and invested in ETN instead.


We will be the biggest altcoin ever !!!


Built my own dream house and open a restaurant business (which accepts etn obviously).
And from there I would wana focus on how to expand it.
Also work as ETN ambassador in Bangladesh xD