What are you Guys & Gals up to?


Since we are hovering around $.005 per ETN what are you doing:

  1. Buying Electroneum like crazy

  2. Just Holding

  3. Waiting to buy more if/when we dip in price

  4. Selling due to no strength in your hands


I invested more when the price went down and try not to listen to price predictions. My plan was always to hold until ETN was big so I have stuck with that plan.


I do 1 and 2 . i only do 2 because i wait for my next paycheck in 5 days, so i hope for a huge dip that last the hours i need to by more, and then moon or wait to the 1 for the next buy. i want to by more so i hope the prise stick low for a while.


I do 1 on Mondays, 2 and 3 on the weekends and I am avoiding 4 altogether lol…


I do 1. now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And 2. since march :grimacing:


I’ve bought 100k ETN over the last 10 days at exactly the right time.
Trust me, ETN will only gain in value from now on. Slowly for the next few weeks, months even.
There has never been a better time to purchase ETN than now.


Working on my 9-5 job after that working on my site.
Buying 300-500$ etn every month
Kinda shitty life right now.
Btw i hope u became a billionaire @M-Kid :grinning:


To kinda of words. What is exciting is that ETN will change so many people lives around the world and for most people $100’s to $1000’s of extra dollars will give so many people a better quality of life. The best part is that we are all on this winning team and when ETN wins we all win, no matter if you are holding 1000 etn or 1,000,000 etn. :wink:


#1 all day, everyday, only a sign of ATH will stop #1 :joy:


Right there with you another 350k coins in the bag today. Still amazing how far your money goes at these prices!


Hold until Naga Tribe’s prediction of $150.000 per ETN. :smiley:


Buying $150 to $200 every pay, whichever I feel best with at the time.