What about Japan?


Hey guys,
I just wanted to share an interesting article where I couldn’t stop thinking about ETN as I read it.

You can find the article on the cryptodaily website or simply google “Japan’s Crypto Adoption Just Keeps Growing”

The road to mass adoption is through the everyday use of ETN. We’re a little closer to it thanks to the possibility to purchase cellphone data/minute with ETN. Soon there will be more network additions meaning more people using ETN to by airtime, thus creating more velocity.

After reading this article I’ve realized that public transportation is one of the most commonly used services around the world, daily. How many people around the world take the subway/train/bus to go to school, work etc?
Japan is looking at alternative ways of payment for its transportation services and cryptocurrency is a being seriously considered. I believe ETN should try and take a look at it. It already has its instant payment that’s been proven to work and I can see millions of japanese paying their daily public transportation fare using the ETN app. THIS could also stir up more velocity.

Thanks for your time.



I believe i read that article or something similar last week, but absolutely. True Mass Adoption, to me, means being able to use it just about everywhere and for just about everything. Much like cash or credit is used now.

As RE keeps hinting, theres a bunch of deals in the pipeline we have no idea about. It’s entirely possible that one of them is in Japan already. Or perhaps some Japanese companies will take notice once ETN adoption starts? I agree that market is worth pursuing. It will be exciting to watch it all unfold. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yeah I don’t think many are seeing the gem that we have before us. So many things in-front and in the pipeline it is just a matter of time. Japan and Asia seem like keen places that will be integral for the use of ETN. It is exciting, i’d love to see ETN used on transportation or even advertised on it at some point :smiley:



This is the closest I’ve seen so far, but that’s just because I made it. :rofl:

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Thats pretty cool, with Richard Ells driving, or taking off… to the moooon

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There is a speed limit -115 satoshi per hour



Just get some JK girls promoting ETN and they’ll be all over it.