What about ETN Having Live chat (support )...!

Just something I think should be looked at…!
Didn’t think much about it in the past But Having a Problem Recently Myself I can Now understand why some people have been complaining…!!
It’s NOT that the Support that we get from the ETN Support team is Bad…On the Contrary, Support is Good !!.. It’s the Time it takes to get Certain Queries/problems solved…!!

For Example…I Recently Posted on FB about the Update and gave screenshots But Inadvertently I showed my e-mail address( I was an Idiot for not paying attention) So I Immediately got in touch with Support to change my e-mail account and password because you cannot change your Primary E-mail linked to your account yourself…AGAIN …Yes, it was my fault…No argument…!!.. The point I’m trying to make is That It took approx 24 hours for Support to change Everything !! In Which time it was Possible for my account to be compromised(highly unlikely in that time but Possible !!)…
NOW…Had there been a Live Chat option my problem could have been sorted in a matter of minutes !!
I’m sure that Most of peoples Queries/problems would also have been dealt with Much quicker…
I Do Understand that it Would Require ETN to employ a lot more people to deal with Live chats…
But Imagine when we have 20+ Million users who would at some stage have some kind of a problem and need to get in touch…! I don’t think e-mail is going to be sufficient…
This is Just my Humble Observation and opinion…I am a Firm believer in the ETN project and the Future as All of you are(or should be…!!:laughing::laughing:)…Just food for future thought…!!:wink::wink:

Great idea::t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


i absolutely agree…Just thought i would share my experience…:wink::wink:

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Yeah maybe something like a help bot could speed up response times from ETN support


Hi. Thanks for the suggestion.

I do have somethings that can help speed up the process when contacting us:

1 - make sure you contain the correct information, such as the right email, phone number and recovery email. It takes more time if we ask then wait for you to get back to us.

2 - explain in as much detail as possible what the issue is. We will be able to fix the issue quicker if you let us know what has happened.

We are open 8:30 - 5:30 Monday to Friday GMT, so tickets that are replied to after 5:30 will not be answered until after 8:30.

Please be aware that some issues are not a quick fix and we are doing what we can to make sure you get up and running as quickly as possible.