Western union adding cryptocurrency?



In a nutshell,
They say they are very interested.
Someone did bring up a comment in relation to this topic.
I hope this sheds some light on the subject.
With Western Union supporting over 130 currencies already, Cryptocurrency would surely benefit from such a gateway.!


@Emmanuel may benefit from a gateway such as this in Africa.


Sure, then they must embrace electroneum as we are law abiding and our users are known


Its not about replacing Western Union with Crypto.
Western Union (and others) are our ticket in to some places.
An introduction to some Governments that Crypto is real and Fully functional.
Endorsed and utilised by existing means of remittance .
Just think of the advertising crypto would get alongside Western Union.!


Now u help me conceived an idea


They already have been in talks with Ripple for over 6 months.


Yes ive heard a lot of ripple talk the last six months.
Simply that.
Nothing more nothing less.
Im sure it will all come together eventually for them.