Wellcome to fórum electroneum


Hello members, and ETN miners. I am very happy that the electroneum has provided us with a way to make this cryptomeda so beautiful, and promising.
Let’s make an effort to make the electroneum go up high. For we all depend on this success, and so we are proud of the electroneum.
Success to founder Richard Ells. Founder of this fantastic criptomoeda.
To God, first, and to him my thanks.


Richard Ells is a good leader always. You are in the right place.


Hi Everybody…Very glad to see this happening…Now we should be able to have meaningful and positive engagements without the Fudders who came to the FB community page just to troll…


I have to agree with you. It’s absolutely ridiculous how people get upset on Facebook or Twitter for no reason just because it’s not their way. It’s all about exchanges and price all the time. Daily updates are always required anyway. Like you’d get it from any other company. I’m really looking forward to this forum :smile: