Web wallet withdrawal error


I created withdrawal order on Sep 30th 2018, but It was failed.
This transaction failed with error code 16

It said that “You have tried to send more ETN than your available balance.”

My wallet balance is xxx68.54 ETN, and I withdraw xxx63.54 ETN.

Current status is FAILED.

Currently, in my account, available balance is 0 ETN.
I cannot send ETN again.

  • Wait until your your balance becomes ‘Available’
  • Be sure to leave 5 Electroneum aside for fee when you attempt sending again.
  • If you are sending a large volume of ETN 20,000 or more, you may need to leave more than just 5 Electroneum

For an example:

If I have total of 50,000 Electroneum, and I send 20,000, wallet will hold a total of 30,000 ETN in order to transact 20,000, does this make sense? Its only holding the 10,000 extra, which will be returned.

Wait another couple of days until your balance is ‘Available’ again and try sending again but leaving larger amount aside. You may need to transact twice in order to send out all your ETN if this is what you are aiming to do.


Thank [cuddlesquid] now I will try to send a 10000 ETN/ transaction first.