Web wallet ending error code 16


Sending status failed and error code is 16

Available balance show zero ETN, But wallet balance is 4063 ETN

Why the balance is zero, since the transaction status shown failed and completed.

Please advise how to proceed to re-send again

This is my ticket number CS-15360 @Rachel



Try closing out and restarting app. Refresh your wallet after


It’s typical problem of all cryptonights coins. If you have balance 4200 you couldn’t send away more than 90% of your fund or you get errors… Its better to send 3700 and than 400 and than 80… So use more transactions where you need to withdraw all funds. You need wait for support they will solve this. But may be they can mention than is not enough to let only 5 ETN to fee…


I had a similar problem when I sent almost 98% to a paper wallet, error 16 appeared. I contacted the supported and within days, got my money available again. so the second time, I sent in fractions and it went well…

I’m not sure about IPS between online wallets, but definitely for a paper wallet.


I am not sure what happened if you have for example only 42$ worth of USD and buy for example something for 41$ at quora mech. And you get this status error 16. The retailer get info that you have funds on the way but than this error happens. What than make support? Give you money back to available balance or send this coins to vendor? This will need to be clarified. @Quorra_Merch and @BegaMutex