"We need to find out a bit more about you" - Electroneum iphone app

I just tried logging in to my ETN iphone app where I got a message to login to my ETN user-account - I can’t move on in my iPhone app - even though I press “get started” … what is wrong - is there anyone that has experienced the same, and what is it that Electroneum needs to know more - I am KYC level 2 …?

When I in “my.electroneum” I am forced to finish level 3 - i can’t even get into my “manage wallet” … it’s strange. Any suggestions for what it might be …?

If you hold over a certain amount of ETN you are required to complete level 3. This is to comply with KYC and AML regulations. If you think this is incorrect on your account you should contact support.


Thanks for the response, but the level of KYC has only to do with how much you can spend within a certain time from your wallet. I haven’t made any deposit or withdrawl from my wallet, besides the amount coming from cloud mining. So it can’t have anything to do with the amount of ETN in my wallet …

it also depends on whether you are in a risky country


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Denmark…? I think not :slight_smile:

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open a ticket at support.electroneum.com

I have tried, can’t login with my Electroneum user …? That’s why I’m trying to find answers here - I can’t be the only one to try this …? :confused:

the support account has to be different than your etn account

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