We had bad experience in KYC!


In our country we had bad experience in KYC .
2 important examples are: Bittrex and Ico engine (Eidoo coin platform)
First, everything was fine and we gave our identical information and they permit us to trade, participate in ICOs and so on.
After a while, without any former nitofication they banned us from any activities in their platforms!
This a most important reason which we worried about!


Despite the country you live in - I don’t know - this seems to be all about trusting some party with personal data I guess - KYC is indeed all about trust and legitimacy! Even stricter in the US than in Europe, anyway even Bittrex nowadays has recommendations how to verify your identity in compliance to KYC - have a look and give me comment on your personal findings:


I know the process my mate! And I am familiar with KYC
In fact, we sent trust information and identical docs., but they rejected them after a while!


Hm, that’s weird indeed - let us give Electroneum a try, I’m sure customer satisfaction is very important here.


I hope so dude!:+1:t4::+1:t4: