We are in a Gorilla Market!


With the massive dump in Bitcoin price over the past 24 hours and Alt coins getting ripped to shreds we have now left the bear :bear: market and enter the Gorilla :gorilla: market. This is now the time to hold strong and hodl together. Only the strong minded will survive as we may dip to levels in our price that will send shivers down your spin. At the same time we are being given the biggest buying opportunity that we will be telling our grandchildren and great children about one day. Stay strong everyone and buy the dip!


Bitcoin steadily became worthless after Harambe died. I am HODLing through the Gorilla Market!


This is what happens to you when you are in a Gorilla market and waiting for the BTC bull run to start so your alt coin can moon! :gorilla::poop::scream: https://youtu.be/jhoGErm52R0


@M-Kid funny video i like it :smiley: yea everyone hate the bleeding, stay strong and HODL together :wink: