We are down 10,000 mobile minors this is the opposite of viral growth what's the deal


For currency that has touted its main goal is mass adoption and viral growth this seems to be a lack of evidence in my opinion.

Perhaps it’s time to increase the incentive to use the mobile Miner. Rather than a cool $0.10 a month.



That is a active miner count meaning those that have extended their mining I believe. You only need to extend every 7 days, I am guessing many like myself don’t extend it every day as it is not necessary. It is not a exact amount of current miners but those that have it extended so it will fluctuate at first. It doesn’t mean the numbers have dropped imo. I just clicked my extend so it went up 1 :+1:



Dude this cryptos been around more then a year. We should have millions of mobile miners by now and we just don’t. Its even in the electroneum road map for user growth. I just dont see it… Time for advertising is behind us.

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wait tell me why electroneum have to start marketing? yet we have instant payments but its not enough we want several deals like unlimited also we need gig guru and something like that after that marketing will be necessary



They just went live with a deal, user growth will come. These things take time and effort and about building a brand, they are not instant? A year is not a long time Idk why you’re already expecting millions of miners? Advertising hasn’t even started they need the ecosystem together before they advertise, the viral growth is not going to come from speculation but real world use.



100 percent accurate. ETN hasn’t had much of a product to advertise until this month. The advertising will start once all parts of the ecosystem are in place. Full instant payment, gig.guru, remittance, top up trials complete, etc.



exactly because there is more than 1000 crypto which can be used as a money transaction of course we have instant payment but unfortunately that is not enough we need also good name that etn is trustworthy currency which has several good partnerships or something idk



You have no idea just how massive this is going to become if managed the right way do you?

I’m going to review everything, honestly yeah I’ve only just found my way here but I’ve been watching from the very beginning, it’s time to corner, consolidate and monopolize the entire market “globally” and it can be done.

“Quitters never win
Winners never quit”

“There is no such thing as try; you either do, or you do not”

"There is always a way; no matter how bleak something seems, for even in the deepest darkest depths of space , there is stop light "



Dude every person who buys any other cryptocurrency other then electroneum is a missed opportunity.

We need to advertise and market. Not sit on our asses or ask the community to do it for them. Electroneum the company has millions and needs to start using them to grow a fan base before more people buy more of other cryptocurrency. Every day new crypto currency’s are coming out each solving a different problem. Those coins are marketing and advertising on the web, On billboards, in magazines and web articles. And for every doller spent on any other coin is a missed opportunity for electroneum.

Start marketing and advertising at a mass scale today. Or be forgotten.



You can’t honestly think they’re just sitting around? Richard has been out of country for two weeks with two important meetings. They are completing the gig site , live with a partnership trial doing testing, releasing the m1 phone and testing, the upcoming v8 fork, cold storage, true instant payment, streamline kyc , vendor directory, another live deal soon, I know I’m forgetting more. These are all things they are incorporating into the ecosystem. When the time is ready they will market and advertise and they will hit it hard, Richard has stated this. But things need to be in order before marketing in order to properly market. Marketing to the 1% of crypto is not the influence and growth we want in the ecosystem and the 99% are not going to care unless it is beneficial and serves a purpose to use. That is what they are creating in the ecosystem, when it’s time to market you better believe they will. But it is not to late crypto is still young.



You have some good points. But others have too right that we need some time to finalize… But I see advertising for example to nexo at every corner at Every crypto website…

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Most of the crypto market is marketing and advertising currently. Because they have no advancements or small it’s not like what Electroneum has been doing Electroneum is building a brand .

If you build it they will come

They are still in the process of building, you only get one chance at advertising because if your product isn’t ready you’re going to lose those potential users. When it’s ready it will happen but is it something we want to rush especially will all these advancements coming soon.



I am not in any way knocking the accomplishments electroneum has made thus far by, making the statement sitting on our asses I was merely talking about the amount of marketing and advertisement that has been done up until this moment.

It really does feel like it’s been up to us the coin holders to tell our friends and family by word of mouth the mission of electroneum, I agree this is the best forum of communication but not everybody has the means such as money or the resources or the time to advertise for you. When electroneum the company is more capable at the moment to spread the word of mass adoption by hiring someone and making it their job to advertise and Market this cryptocurrency.

Also on a side note you know it was really annoying. Kyc is coming every single day every 3 hours on Facebook. The same phrase but different colors. And then it didn’t happen after 20 days. Then 10 days of rest. Then back to more kyc is coming.



I’m going to be honest with you I was an early investor with electroneum. I’ve been holding electroneum every single day up until today and I still currently am. But it sounds like to me the smart investment is to stop investing hold my cash until the price bottoms out when you actually do start advertising, because then Mass marketing is finally achieved. Because every single day since I’ve continued to lose money.

So basically sounds like the smart move is to just wait for the price to bottom out then buy it all up is that at .000000687 or .00000000558

Please give me a smart argument why would I buy some coins today if tomorrow is price is going to be cheaper, why would I buy coins tomorrow if the day after that they’re going to be even cheaper. I guess I’ll just wait 5 years to invest when these coins are dirt cheap. Help me out?

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That only marketing they’re doing currently that I know of is the woocommerce plugin

Today 17
Yesterday 31
Last 7 Days 61
All Time 750

The marketing hasn’t started yet they have to create the purpose of the product to market. It is not just the miner it’s the whole ecosystem. Thee kyc announcements were most likely a legal process of making sure they informed the community and gave them enough time to complete. It is not all about marketing. It’s creating a product and brand to market.



What’s funny is ETN announced KYC a million and half times and yet still there are idiots whose coins are locked because they “didn’t know” or “I didn’t know they were doing KYC” or “they want all my info now…wtf” …those annoying announcements were necessary.



There is no guarantee the price will keep going down there is no guarantee it will go up, it is a high risk investment. You’re speculating on price and not looking at the progress of the company and brand. Electroneum is way undervalued imo. Marketing and advertising like you want is right around the corner. Once mass marketing starts you may lose your spot. I hope you won’t be the guy who sold btc at 14$. The risk is up to you, you need to dyor and look past your investment and decide for yourself if you think the progress is there but why would you sell at a loss when Electroneum has been delivering constant progress? Price isn’t everything there are a lot of contributing factors to the price. Mass marketing isn’t everything do you think that may people went out and got ltc because it was on a UFC mat…? It’s about what the ecosystem provides.




This sounds like fomo fear of missing out.



It’s about the product and brand’s vision coming into fruition. There are many pieces to the ecosystem. When that happens there will be those who missed out on these prices imo. But that’s besides the point. It’s not about fomo it’s about development and progress. Its not a psychological thing it is a tangible use case coming to fruition. The ecosystem is coming together and when marketing starts I’m sure there will be “fomo”.
But that is not the point.



If you build it they will come

Mandela Effect: in the movie where that quote is from, they say “if you build it, he will come” =D