We are at 95 Satoshi ? 😂

This must be recent!


Yeah ; that’s weird, I doubt that this surge is only based on good news!

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It was very quick and sudden :joy: Though my honest feeling, it was bound to get around 90s again soon enough, we know it will pump here and there, what will it do after is the question :sweat_smile:


OP - why don’t you add a little bit of context if you are going to open a thread? Even ask a question!

This content-less thread opening phenomenon in recent years must be a generational thing. Personally I would warn users for this vapid waste on resources. We need to keep this forum informational and engaging.

Of course we all want a continued and steady increase in the price (not a quick pump), but there is no volume to back that small recent increase, and your highlighting it with no context is pointless in my opinion.

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