We Accept Electroneum Labels/Stickers - Download


Hi Guys,

I’ve seen some of you in need of merchant/online stickers/banners to show that your merchant is accepting ETN. I’ve designed them for you!

Made a couple of different styles so you can take whatever you need.

Vector Sourcefiles can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lys9szD3bxoB_JaCUljDK65xvsoAu7Rw?usp=sharing



Hi, would it be ok to include these for downloads or just as a link in the Catalogue over at the Library please?


Download would be better, cause I’m not sure how long my Google Drive will stay alive :wink:


I love this one



Could work as well of course!


Nice one. I am opening a massage shop with my wife soon and plan on accepting crypto for sure !!! thanks heaps !!!


I like it a lot as well.


Nice work. They look really professional .


LOL. Seen that somewhere before—that was quick! :joy:


Great! I’ve added it to the Catalogue. The Title links back to this topic and the Download button enables an instant download. :pray::+1:


Great job, Bernard! Thanks so much for these. We’ll get these out on social asap!
Has anyone else made anything similar? Or do you have any other ideas to promote ETN? Tell us…


If you follow this link to the Library and start typing ‘download’ into the search bar in the Catalogue section, you’ll find two others: One (copied in above) we produced (.png) and another one by a community member ('ETN Referral Cards .pdf—if you click the title of that one it will take you to the community post where it was first put up).
We’ll be sharing some more of ours later in the week! ; )