Ways to get more ETN!


Just wanted to suggest some simple ideas oh how to get more ETN. Everyday items we purchase may or may not be needed and below are some idea and just how much those items cost in terms of ETN!

  1. Skip that expensive Starbucks coffee---------700 to 1000 etn

  2. Pack your own lunch-----------------------------500 to 2000 etn

  3. Eat dinner at home-------------------------------2500 to 10,000+ etn

  4. Skip Movies use Netflix--------------------------1000 to 4000 etn

  5. Avoid Bar/Pub/Club-----------------------------1000 to 10,000 etn

  6. Don’t play lotto-----------------------------------200 to 1000 etn

  7. Skip dessert--------------------------------------500 to 2000 etn

  8. Use Discounts/Coupons-----------------------100 to 10,000+ etn

  9. Purchase things on sale---------------------- 100 to 10,000+ etn

  10. Skip soda/pop energy drinks------------------200 to 1000 etn

  11. Walk/Bike instead of driving-------------------100 to 1000 etn

  12. Staycation instead of Vacation---------------10,000 to 1,000,000+ etn

  13. Use loose change to buy etn-----------------100 to 1,000+ etn

  14. DIY things instead of hiring people----------1000 to 10,000+ etn

  15. Asking a Rich Family Member for some $ --10,000 to Billions of etn! :wink:


I am already doing most of them @M-Kid except asking a rich family member i wouldn’t know who to ask Haha :yum: