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We want iOs app for all. Yoti for all and covered all possible way how to get verified. Like driving license and ID… I couldn’t make lvl 2 and live in EU County… So sad and what enoys me most is that teem every day post make kyc but didn’t make pressure to yoti to help us or offer second way to be lvl 2…


This is what’s annoying a lot of people , KYC
Everyone has to have it …
But everyone can’t have it , for one reason or another. I can see why etn want it but why fast track something that’s is not complete or able to add everyone .

E.u has issues
India has issues etc etc etc . This is supposed to be for the unbanked if they have no bank how the heck are they supposed to get kyc.

I agree about the kyc posts on social media , but it needs fixing . Both companies are in the u.k , get together and fix this or this may be etns Achilles heel…

I hope they do fix these issues because all I’m seeing is negative comments on twitter , which is a shame . Especially as etn has massive potential and growth.

I’m still looking forward to etns future and I’m sure the teams are hard at work trying to solve the problems…


For the unbanked folk though, How much money are they going to be moving and what tier of KYC do they really need? From what I’m understanding, these are folk that are fairly poor and are going to be benefiting from as little as $3 a month. Which means they probably aren’t going to be transferring huge amounts of money about anyway. Wouldn’t tier one for these users be sufficient for the foreseeable future?

Surely KYC is to stop people laundering money through the system, so more the first world side of the user base needs to be covered by higher tiers. Which would mean that it’s not as big a problem as many people are making out? I mean I’m sure for tier one the information was really really basic.

Maybe I’m wrong, just discussing!