Wash trading or Algoz?

Guys with ETNs trade volume way up in the last days, is this due to wash trading or liquidity provided by Algoz?

If this is due to Algoz, this is great for price stability!

Hard to tell, IMO its wash because what I’ve seen say ex. 579361 coins bought, same amonut sold or vise and versa. Plus i doubt 10+% of our total supply can be traded in a Day without any effect on price.
Stinks BS and wash to me but it’s impossible to know id say unless algoz or etn themselves can confirm

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Very good question… and no way to answer it! :pray::+1:

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Its very likely that someone is selling to themselves.

We never had such volume spikes without big moves following. So unless we see a huge jump or drop very soon I’d say someone is just selling coins to themselves. I dont really know if that is good or bad for price movement or stability. I’d say its rather good, because the entity that is doing this with such volume for sure has an interest that price is not dropping too much. The only problem for that entity would be if price did rise alot. Then at some point it will not be profitable anymore, because buying and selling back may be hard to do in a very volatile scenario that provides more volume than they do.

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