Was I wrong? I did foresee it

"Let me give you an answer today as, on Feb. 19, the Use case is a key. Mass adoption is a very demanding goal but if you dedicate yourself to your vision and you foresee your future than you will succeed. I believe Electroneum is on his road standing strong on its feet.,(,) You need/ must believe in your vision firstly for yourself than for the human well being. Sometimes the value is weighted and driven by the greed but if so you will fail. Dedication and patience is a Virtue. He, Who Dares, Wins. In my honest opinion today in Crypto world Electroneum has already succeeded.",that was my say on Feb 19 and I was not wrong.
Interesting to become a hero or valuable only when you are no longer alive. And why is this so? Because it takes decades for your belief and vision to become a reality and only when you are no longer among the living do people realize it. Electroneum is made up of people who believe and persevere and one day in the future become heroes. HE, WHO DARE’S, WIN’S. Currently, Electroneum shows all the strength of those who believe and success is inevitable. Is anyone still in doubt?

Ive never doubted @VZCrypto22

Etn has an amazing future in front of it


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