Warped Coverage in Decrypt media


Finally had time to catch up with this article and not only is it disappointing in its tone, but the poorly photoshopped image (I believe they removed an LCD screen on the wall in the background? Could someone confirm?) plus the caption Richard Ells in Electroneum’s less than remarkable Maidstone offices I think should be addressed, perhaps officially?

…less than remarkable Maidstone offices…” Can you get any more childish?

One article we obviously won’t be adding to our Catalogue



I’m starting to think the team should stop talking to small crypto blogs, and start looking outside the crypto sphere for publicity. This is truly pathetic.

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I just had a read and felt it was full of snide comments but then at the bottom, it says the author is BBC-trained. I really like the BBC but as they are funded via the TV Licence fee and are not a commercial operation, they have to provide a balanced view.

Maybe she doesnt know how to provide a balanced view which is why she no longer works for the BBC??

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Or as Alan Partridge recently observed:

“While others might say it’s [the BBC] a smug anachronism full of braying, know-nothing chancers doling out fat commissions to their braying, know-nothing Oxbridge mates, I don’t.”

I do hope they are only talking to them and not paying them (as part of advertising) :scream:, there have been articles that were very poorly written.

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I’ve not watched the Alan Partridge thing from the other night yet, i’ll catch up on iPlayer



I read this, I was very annoyed, I mentioned it in a video I made this morning.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJPO5mU3eAc I start on about that article at 9:50. I can’t believe how they presented electroneum in such a negative way.

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