Want to sell for ETN

Hello guys,
I just want to ask if there is something like marketplace, where I can sell few things for ETN?
For now I have a brand new-factory sealed, 2x powersources Corsair AX1600i 1600W CP-9020087-EU which I want to sell for ETN.
Thank you

Sell it in amazon for btc or usd , then buy etn in exchanges.

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I know that is possible to do it by this way. But I would like more elegant solution. Like direct selling for ETN.

Anyway, would it be possible that admins setup some thread here on forum, like marketplace for selling things between us?

At this moment there is no site to do so

Search in the searchbar quorra marketplace.
Buy and sell for ETN
Good luck…it really does exist!


Thank you. I will have look.
Anyway if someone is interest about the price, I will sell, each for 55000ETN (worldwide shipping included).

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So you are looking for our partner company powered by Electroneum:

But they have 1000 download maybe still under construction…
Here video… something like Ebay and selling directly for crypto…


Ok, thank you for your replay. I will have a look.

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