Wallet to Wallet transfer by Programmatically


I’m currently running a woo-commerce web-application and looking for an admin to vendor payment solution using ETN Wallet.

Is there anyway to pay a vendor from Admin wallet (consider an ETN wallet of a web-store is paying the commission to his partner. Simply I can describe it as a ETN wallet to another ETN wallet txn done by Automatically / progmmatically) progmmatically without any human interface (Other than scanning QRC)?

Looking forward for any API’s which serving the above purpose.


I believe APIs are being worked on by the team. What functionality this will offer i’m not sure. (i.e. whether its just endpoints for getting data on transactions or if you can create Tx’s)

Watch this space, an API to control vendor wallet functionality is important.


I’m guessing you never got an update on this right? As far as I know this is not possible. In order to have auto payments, I am told it is only possible through RPC wallet, which does not allow for instant payments. Anyway, I’m curious where you have gotten with this.


This would be a great thing for me too, however I’ve stuck with manual to keep everything kind of luke warm storage for fear of waking up one morning and finding I’ve been robbed due to an having automatic system. Having something behind Electroneum’s security would be much more palatable for me.

Interested also to hear anything about this, if it exists or is coming at some stage!

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