Wallet sync problem

version ? use latest version electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.0

windows or linux ?

full node database (data.mbd) is now ~27.8 GB, got enough space ?

Edit: So there is an unofficial GUI wallet?

I used this one


could I put private keys into that one?

XzenTorXz ??!! WHO IS THAT ?
I would not trust this guy with my keys

i m using that one which the rsknor wrote it i think its good .

well I downloaded this one long time ago and as I understand that was only GOUI wallet…now will try to import key into real etn wallet

never saw this unofficial gui wallet before, could be legit i would not know

yea its better .:+1:

well i do have trust issues, i would never trust a non-official GUI wallet with my private keys

ok will import my keys into this one it is working now need to wait for sync again :slight_smile:

it is syncing from 307600 block…it will be fast hope so

good luck
If you give up and need help syncing a full node with the official full node code v2.1.1.0 please tell

ok thanks…will inform soon :slight_smile:

Oh, this is the unofficial GUI wallet forked from the Sumokoin GUI Wallet
@b61269b2328d6150b26b your Topic Title is misleading

Are you able to locate the electroneum binaries in this unofficial GUI?
You could try removing or ‘popping’ a few blocks from database, and then resync
electroneum-blockchain-import --pop-blocks 100

Found this: You can swap old electroneum binaries with the v2.1.1.0

this one is still going on I am on 334300 block, more 50000 blocks to be synced…will inform you

I actually know the fella, he used to live on https://spacepools.org/ discord, have not seen him lately. He was actually present in the channel while developing ETN GUI wallet.

As far as I know his GUI wallet should be based off of Sumokoin. I can’t validate his trust level, but I myself would not put keys into any application that’s not official.

You always have an option trying out remote node. Remote node server was approved by our mods.

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Never tried the remote node option, are there a limited number of official remote nodes?

Hashvault is the only one recommended by a mod, can’t vouch for any other remote node, so this is our only one :joy:

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the good thing is, you dont have to fully trust a remote note, the only thing they might compromise is your privacy


OMG! Hi buddy! Where have you been? :joy: You don’t come around space pools discords :frowning:

Would you be so kind and elaborate on not having to trust a remote node fully? Thank you buddy, hope to see you back in space pool discord.

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hey man :wink:

I kinda turned my back from etn. I had some trouble and unpleasant communication with their team. And they completely ignored me and only wrote if they wanted anything. My wallet was supposed to be a temporary solution for them not having a real gui wallet, but i realized they never plan on utilizing the blockchain technology. For further read i made a reddid thread: [link1]

so i stopped swinging my flags :smiley:

For the remote node: You never exchange keys or anything important with the node. There is a stackexchange question thats goes into more details and trade-of: [link2]

PS: apparently i’m not allowed to post links, so search for
[link1]: my journey with electroneum xzentorxz
[link2]: What privacy or security trade offs are associated with not running your own full node?


I understand what you are saying now. As long as I don’t generate from seed or keys on the remote node. Old generated wallet files can be used to finish off sync via remote node. I found the links I will go through them.

Thank you buddy. I’m sorry about your communication with ETN team, everyone has their own direction and ways of doing things, try not to get on them too much :wink: Though I always admired you and your work. Try not to be stranger come visit us!

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