Wallet sync problem


Hi guys,

I am one of miners for electroneum and I cannot sync my GUI wallet on PC. It stucks at block 326561…could somebody navigate me what to do to unlock my ETNs?



hi me too but i deleted the file and started agine today now i m in 126000


yes it stucks again od same block, I tried that too


mm for me i think its working now and its fast i’ll share when i finish it


I tried that too…it stucks but not so fast as you…is there some commands?


no its the same thing .i tried to download the 10 gb file ( blockchin file ) but i deleted it too cuz it doesnt work for me .


I synced it from begining and found also some 19gb blockchain file on net…didnt try with it, just my sync from begining and it is not working.


actually i tried the second way for synchronization too but it doesn’t works so i deleted every thing and started from zero


So, as I understand you import 10gb blockchain file and it didnt work, so trying from zero? Which ver of etn wallet you are using 0.5.0…or else?


i think the latest one .


latest is 0.5.0 ok tell me if that worked


version ? use latest version electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.0

windows or linux ?

full node database (data.mbd) is now ~27.8 GB, got enough space ?

Edit: So there is an unofficial GUI wallet?


I used this one


could I put private keys into that one?


XzenTorXz ??!! WHO IS THAT ?
I would not trust this guy with my keys


i m using that one which the rsknor wrote it i think its good .


well I downloaded this one long time ago and as I understand that was only GOUI wallet…now will try to import key into real etn wallet


never saw this unofficial gui wallet before, could be legit i would not know


yea its better .:+1:


well i do have trust issues, i would never trust a non-official GUI wallet with my private keys


ok will import my keys into this one it is working now need to wait for sync again :slight_smile:

it is syncing from 307600 block…it will be fast hope so