Wallet question


In the wallet, say I request the same amount from more than one person. The qr code is different every time right, even though the same amount is requested from different people?

  • If same amount QR code does not change.
  • If just scan of address/payment id, QR code does not change.
  • If different amounts, QR code will change.


Your qr code is the same , no matter who uses it to send to you …


I was just curious. So since the qr stays the same, is there away to see who the payment came from? Say for example, you have 10 clients and they each owe you 10etn. Only 8 pay you back. How do you know which two still have a balance unpaid? Are they tagged with the sender’s name of public key? Sorry for asking, I don’t have a circle of crypto believing friends to experiment with to make transactions and I don’t want to violate Electeoneum’s policy of creating multiple accounts with the same phone number. Thanks


That’s what the Payment ID’s are for I believe.


how do I see what I have in my wallet?


Unfortunately you will have to have your clients submit entire Transaction Hash (TxHash) or last few characters so you can compare it to one of the received payments.

Transaction Hash (TxHash) details can be found by taping on the sent or received Transaction. in side mobile wallet.

If using CLI, show_transfers command will show transactions and transaction hash id.


Are you reffering to paper (offline) wallet? If answer is yes, you may import your paper wallet to mobile wallet or you may open your paper (offline) wallet via CLI wallet. Check out guides below.

Using and setting up Electroneum CLI

Restoring CLI wallet from paper (offline) wallet keys

Importing paper (offline) wallet to mobile wallet

Any of these guides above will allow you to see your balance. There is another option if you wish to learn, this involves exploring our Electroneum Block Explorer, check out guide below.

Guide to Electroneum block explorer

Checking paper (offline) wallet transactions/balance

Enjoy! and do not hesitate to ask for help :joy:


I have like 16 ETN in my mobile wallet and it shows that the maximum amount of ETN i can send is 4.98ETN.Is it mandatory that i should have 10ETN left in my wallet after i transact?


16 ETN is considered dust imo, due to privacy monero-heritage more than the transacted amount needs to be set aside.