Wallet problem with support tickets deleted


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@Bee can you assist please. I know your all busy but

Which is fine we know it’s a very busy time for the team and we understand.

Strange …

If this was just the mobile miner then we the community could of helped but this looks to be a bit deeper.

@BegaMutex @MSystem any ideas chaps ?!?

Thanks for any help


If u use 4 mobile miner for a single accout, they will be inactive automatically I think.
By the way as u know the minimum etn is 10 to be added to walllet.
I myself refresh it many times when it reaches 10 or higher, then they will be added.

Maybe your ticket is still unresolved and u can not find it, support site is not user friendly at all, I can hardly use it!!!


Problem solved finally! Thanks



I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your support ticket, I will try to assist you and forward the information to the person responsible for the disposition of this case. Do you have your ticket numbers from the support?



Understood. Problem Solved.



It ok, Its all fixed finally. Thanks


Admin would u tell me when I can do kyc ? (Iran resident)



@Kurd.girl I am sorry but I do not have a definite answer for you, the team is exploring a number of avenues to get everyone KYC compliant (Iran, India and number of other countries) are being addressed. I understand that this is not the answer you wanted to hear but I assure you are not the only person in Iran and the Team is aware of your situation. I hope this helps and thank you for your understanding.



Thank you too,
In my opinion if u and other admins check our documents and details through video conferencing the kyc issue will be solved.
We will just need to make an online appointment with you admins and go through steps face to face and in real time.
Anyhow I am waiting and still patient for an alternative solution.