Wallet offline Balance

Can you tell me how to see my balance in the offline wallet.

you can see that in the link below

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and this is another way to do that with PC both ways working perfectly

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Can you explain to me that they are the TXID or the ID to consult the wallet?

ok first of all read the articles up there and i’ll be here for your help :+1:

have already read them and I am more lost … I only know that I have my wallet on paper and I can not verify my balance … because they are asking me for an ID or TXID …

sorry i’v been busy now we can talk

TX ID are generated when you send Electroneum from somewhere to your paper wallet, sending point will have TX ID in withdrawal history. TX ID simply means Transaction ID, so each time you sent Electroneum to your paper wallet, TX ID was generated for that transaction. You simply take that TX ID and plug it in the block explorer like it says in the guide. Though if you still don’t understand let us know.

Also, there is another method which was already linked, and that is by using the Remote Node method by only using Private View key. When you attempt to open paper wallet with our CLI wallet, you can specify to only create a view wallet and this is done by supplying –generate-from-view-key parameter in Step 11a in this guide Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method

Remote Node method with –generate-from-view-key=wallet parameter is very secure because you are only supplying Private View key from your paper wallet. In order to actually send out ETN you (or someone else) would need to open paper wallet with –generate-from-keys=wallet parameter which requires Private Spend key and Private View key, notice the difference between the two parameters? One has view and the other is all keys.

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