Wallet not updating

So I bought some ETN from Kucoin today and I wanted to comment on how fast the transaction showed up as completed on the kucoin withdrawal page. Incredibly fast compared to before. I immediately refreshed my mobile wallet but there was no transaction. I refreshed a few times one after another but nothing. I then exited the app and signed back into it and the transaction was there. I have noticed this twice now that i needed to exit the app for it to show the transaction in the wallet. Seems like a minor bug that needs to be looked into. Can anyone from the ETN team confirm if this is a known issue?

Maybe Kucoin displays “Completed” once the transaction has been attributed to a block but the wallet needs confirmations (5-10+ ?) to show your actual transaction.

I think you should upgrade your wallet to the lastest version. In some case, the transaction was marked completed by Kucoin but the Blockchain has not confirm yet, so you have to wait some minutes.

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