Wallet Manager Issue "Mirgrating Wallet" taking too long


I haven’t logged on to my electroneum wallet for a long time and since the price was going up these days, I thought I check it out…

I notice that when I cliecked on the “Wallet Manager” I get this message below:

"We’ll be back soon

We are currently migrating your wallet to the new instant payment system.

Please try again later."

Question: Does anybody know how long this migrating takes? it’s been 2 days and I still get this message… I’m trying to make sure all my ETN are still there in the wallet.

Anybody have an answer or having the same issues?


Close the app and reenter it, the wallets are back online for some time.


Since I have a iphone I don’t have a app to do that…
I’m talking about web application wallet.


Yes, it is the same thing, that works as well at the moment.


Yeah I did that couple times now… but i’m still getting the message that it’s still Migrating and to check back… Is there a support email that I can email with Electroneum where I can reach out?


Please open a ticket at https://support.electroneum.com/.


Yeah back up now - do a restart/log back in and should be ok. If not working after a while maybe you need to log a ticket but looks good for me and my friends now.