Wallet manager is down again!

The wallet manager is currently down for maintenance! (In my.electroneum)
Is it related to verifying or not?

I’m fully verified , so I checked and yes the manager is down for maintenance. No idea why @BegaMutex can you confirm this or reasons why please thanks

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Good to you!
All 3 levels you passed?

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Yeah all 3 , just incase

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Thanks @BegaMutex I didn’t have time to find the thread , school run time lol

Great job dude!
Would you please tell that what docs you have uploaded to achieving level 2&3?
If it is possible, of course

I used a bill addressed to myself tax bill and for part 3 I used a bank statement , with account numbers removed

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Why are the wallets still down if exchanges are now patched and back up and running? Surely ETN would be the first to come back online? And before anyone posts the tweets, I have seen these all - I’m asking specifically about the my.electroneum wallet, and also the mobile wallet.

Be nice to have an ETA on these coming back up.

Also worth noting that instant payments do not work while the wallet is down.


It’s a bit unconforting that the unavailability is there now for some time, even after the bugfix, while the price is rising.

"The wallet manager is currently down for maintenance. Please try again shortly."
I think i am not alone to get this message in the days when ETN has a spike:joy:

Nope, me too. All day already. Spiking and not available… profit taking starts soon so cant ride this wave.

In how much time etn wallet will get out from mentenance?