Wallet maintenance

Currently, the ETN wallet is down for maintenance. Any idea how long an offline maintenance action usually takes? Hope the wallet will be back online soon, i really would like some fresh ETN to be stored :smiley:

I’v got the same issue man. Glad i’m not alone.

I hope to see my coins agains soon! :slight_smile:


Its nice that you can go with one click directly to social media and the number of fans at Twitter and Facebook grow rapidly… So good to see just watch the social media - they write when they go back online…
If they add link to write a review to an app - it would be fine + repeating to BAD reviews…

Why there is no announcement about wallet maintenance? I was thinkin are my etn funds SAFU ???

Also my wallet is down for maintenance too. Hope il will ne available again and my litte ETN will not be lost :slight_smile: by all


Maintenance on most wallets is stil busy while price is rising. I bet after the maintance on wallets is done, the price action will stop :(.

My kilos of etns Are stuck in my wallet which Is under maintenance :frowning: damn

No need to worry people. Normal service will be resumed soon.

I invite you to read this topic: Exchanges informed they can resume ETN

Particularly this paragraph:
We’ll also be updating thousands of server instances on our AWS hosting to allow the mobile app and web wallet system to return to full functionality. This will take another day or so, and we appreciate your patience and thank you for your understanding.


I hate to make a fuddy sounding comment, but if this sort of thing happens after mass adoption it would be a huge shit storm, is there any way of ensuring that won’t happen, or we just have no way of knowing what’s round the corner?


Hope so :sweat_smile:

That’s what I’m concerned about.

And you base this statement on what?

It always worries me when things stop working during a major price rise.

What do you mean? They are currently changing something on the wallet, that’s all. Nobody’s gonna steal your coins, just calm.

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Guys. This link explains partly why the wallet is still offline.

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ok. good to know. maybe electroneum wallet was not so good way to keep my coins safe. Because in exchanges they are available when i want. :confused:


Your choice where to keep it. Make sure you understand the pro’s and cons of the method you choose.


This Is really driving me mad


I know that im an impatient idiot, but still… :smiley: