Wallet is in the wrong format?


I used the electroneum paper wallet creator at
from what I can understand I use the “Public Wallet” number in format

I am using the windows miner from the electronium website. It opens in what looks like a console window and after a few moments it syncs and gives the prompt:
synced 13501/454037<-[0m

i enter
start_mining <public wallet number that is like 99 characters long> <#threads>

I get the following error:

target account address has wrong format

Am I using the wrong wallet id? is my syntax wrong



I believe that the Windows miner is dead mate, hasn’t worked for a very long time. There is a community mining pool. Bear with me and I’ll throw up a link.



I am fiddling with mining, and the windows software links are still up; so I thought I would see what it had going for it.
Short lived test on my part I suppose.
Of course now I have the ap wallet and a paper wallet…


Trying to get the pool miner going, could use some help.


Go over to the main thread and ask, unfortunately I’m at work at the moment. The guy who runs it is on there and really helpful.