Wallet cli 3.1.0

Good day,please help me to recover my wallet cli i have my seed but the problem is after i type electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --restore-deterministic-wallet then i enter my wallet name after that i cant type my wallet seed or any letter and stack or hang there…thank u

The seed is not shown tckee. If you paste it and press enter i think you will its working fine.

it means that i cant type in there only copy paste? thats the new features?

Just checked, its the same on monero, so likely added in the recent update. You can type each word… it allows you to type/enter multiple times (24 words)…

Threw me for a second to… but its a good feature as showing the seed as you type is not advisable.

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thank you so much i opened it already but i have another problem blockchain height instead i fill 0 default i skip it, how to returned that proccess?

Easiest way…Just start again tckee…(you can delete the wallet you just created or pick new name)

But keep in mind that if you have a decent computer, syncing from scratch is pretty fast now days.

wooww…thank you so much its start to refresh my wallet…thanks again

No problem. Remember… be careful when working with CLI. Keep your computer safe and check/double check every command you write!

Have fun.

yes sir…thank you so much…

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