Wallet Balance shows different numbers of ETN than Available Balance

Hello Sir!
My Wallet Balance shows, say 1000 ETN, whereas my Available Balance shows, say 4.9 ETN. Thus, when I try to send ETN from my wallet to some other Exchange, it shows the error “You do not have enough funds to cover possible transaction fees”

What should I do?

update to the latest app. refresh wallet at the upper right. wait a few hours. refresh again.

if no success open a ticket at support.electroneum.com

don’t use your etn account at support. create a new one for support

answer can last 10 business days

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What do you mean by “don’t use your etn account at support. create a new one for support”

Updated to the latest app. Refreshed wallet many times. yet problem persists.

the support system doesn’t use the etn account. you have to use a different account at support. for example I use the same email but different password. you could use a different email with same password or different password

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