Wait is kyc not happening on the 12th?

I was under the impression kyc was launching on the12th this monday is this no longer the case?

I was wondering what happend to all that facebook kyc spam… its coming… spam disappeared a week ago. Sounds almost comically typical ETN team sets a date and fales to meet the target yet again…

This time they give people a bonus chance to complete it. :rofl:

Still going for hard launch by the end of year

Christmas gonna be good…

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Yeah , I hope they’re saving good news for over Christmas, would be fantastic

Nothing is a failure if its in the best interests of the project the company the partners the shareholders the customers and the businesses that will be accepting ETN as payment.
Its about time people stop with the “when me?”
Live with the delay,
Just know that whatever they decide to do is best for you in the long run.