Voting for Electroneum


Why is it that necessary to vote for Electroneum? When other Coins (some) engage in vote buying and we’re then judge equally,I don’t think we should be taking part in these voting process at all tho it’s kinda fun,


We just have to hope it’s a legitimate team behind the exchanges. Sadly this space does tend to fuel a lot of greed since we’re still relatively small and growing fast. Others want to find other ways of profit other than holding coins for projects they believe in. They’re in a rush to get rich and want it as soon as possible, so they look at these small cap coins for example nearly halfway down the ranks of our thousands of coins and help out a few of those knowing it’ll instantly pump the price because they were so small. APL just about tripled in price from both McAfee and the potential to be listed during an airdrop with instructions geared towards gaining people’s votes on OKEx at the same time. As much as McAfee knows about cryptocurrency and as much respect I give to him for being as bullish as he is while contributing to bring Bitcoin into the spotlight, he’s still kind of in it for the money as well and gets paid to spread the word about certain projects on his Twitter. Even STQ nearly doubled and then fell back a bit, and it wasn’t even listed. It’s probably on this deep downtrend now just because it appears to be failing to beat the other coins in the vote.

Imo, I think the OKEx admins are doing all of this intentionally with the poll resets and allowing paid votes from small cap coins to pump their own bags they might be holding. They might even end up listing one of the very smaller cap coins they have just to make massive gains from it. (Likely either APL, SNTR, or mCOIN) I don’t even see mCOIN on coinmarketcap yet, it’s that small…Yet they have as many votes as they did now to take the lead? How much more obvious can these scammers be? There is no way any of the 3 communities I’ve just listed have enough users to outdo the rest of the coins combined that didn’t cheat by so far when we hadn’t even heard of them until the voting and airdrop announcements.


I just stop voting… fully agree with you about the mini-coins getting loads of votes.
When ETN team delivers what they promise we will not need to vote for ETN on Exchanges, the exchanges will be very eager to list ETN.


Yes which I think it is just around the corner, when we have the gig economy we’ll be ahead and no definitely need for exchange vote


It’s amazing, I don’t heard about such coins too