Vote your favourite thing in ETN!


I am really curious to know what everyone’s favourite is.
This would be very interesting to know what most people are really interested in as it would show what what others and us (the ETN community members) are looking forward too.
Go give a vote ,come back and let us know what you voted for.


@Buckizard @Thunder @Tanwax @wTz1
Guys join in maybe :grin: ??


Done! ETN is pretty active community on twitter, I like it!


Yeah I agree! We have a massive community! I voted! Good stuff!


Ill get some Squirrels in!
Okay , thats 30 invites…Im going in…!!


I have squirreleed in , affirmative!


I am going to give the Bittrex one a bit of a tickle up!!
Thanks @Redwan we got ya!


Done … Come on guys


Thats 35 invites sent on the Forum here @Tanwax
Im out of invites now!!

  • Super user friendly, insanely flush, easy to use mobile wallet
  • Instant transactions between mobile wallets (fully tested at
  • Electroneum Instant Payment Plugins for your E-Commerce website
  • Awesome official community section to help you with most of your needs!
  • Pre-mine distributed via mobile wallet mining
  • Because Richard Ells and Electroneum Team is awesome ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@cuddlesquid @Redwan
Thats awesome.Totally!!
So much brotherhood in this community ,
The price is sliding and the community just steps it up another notch!


@Cosmicrypto @Tanwax

  • Because Richard Ells and Electroneum Team is awesome ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Voted , all I could add was

Their future …

Everyone had said everything hahahhahaha