Vote to win against Digibite

As some of us know we already won the votings and the person chose to do a rematch! Which is totally unfair.
We will overcome everything with our massive 2.7m community. We won it once, we can do this again.

Vote and drop a like in the tweet. (DONT RETWEET)

There are only 2 hours left in this rigged re-vote, but it appears ETN is winning regardless.

If you have NOT already voted and clicked the heart/like button, please do so!


The poster is trying to rig the vote by using technicalities to remove votes from ETN so DGB wins. It’s truly asinine.


Vote over and we still win with a rigged system against us.


Great work @Cryptoman976
Good result good advertising.
We gained a few more twitter sign ups too along the way.
All-In-All…A very" Reproductive event".
Thankyou Community for your efforts!

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