Vote to get ETN on exchange!


Should be easy to hit top 5 with the great community we have on here


More effort needed guys and girls, being beaten some ordinary coins :confused:


personally i’m done with silly votes to get on exchanges. They can damn well approach ETN themselves.


Is this a legit exchange?


Sure is, brand new and establishing which coins to prioritise.
It’s native coin will be Solaris XLR which is a masternode privacy coin.


Last round - they pick only 5 coins and 4 they have we have last 13 days to vote in last round…

Just click to this link and find ETn and vote. You can do it every 24 hours. Please share everywhere.
Click here:

BitexLive exchange UAE
The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Actual we are TOP9 coin in this vote… need more power :slight_smile:


Already voted :grin::ok_hand:


Voted again this morning, hopefully we can get more people involved, the more exchanges the merrier.


Voted. thank you :sunglasses:


As of to date. Need your support ETN believers. Last round until Dec. 6, 2018 20:00 UTC. Top coin will get listed.

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Voted. We need another 600+ to win this one. Should be doable!!


I just voted as well, fresh start. Let’s try to keep the thread active too to keep more exposure for the vote.


After an hour, only 3 ETN believers have voted… while other coins got theirs, more than 3…


Yeah, it’s quite poor so far. This needs to be shared on twitter, reddit, facebook community and probably in the fight the dump thread. It’d be good if we could get the usual YouTuber’s to mention it in their upcoming videos.

I have no idea if this exchange will be any good, but every little helps, and I think ETN is strategically better positioned for success on hundreds of these smaller exchanges than it is on Binance, at least for now while the foundations are being laid during their user acquisition phase.


Just did my daily vote :smile:


Possible? Impossible? Probable? Improbable?


Just voted again, we’re up to 196 this morning.


Volcano get 300 in just one day? maybe some of competitors just cheat and use some IP changers or something like this… or its their 1st exchange so they are more active we have12 exchanges so this one only can show power of our community nothing more… in future maybe more volume and possibility to be more visible… if we didnt win nothing bad happen…


The vote is over.