Vote for listening etn at Numex exchange

Top 10 coins will be listed.No registration need for voting.Every person can vote only one time per day.Support etn people and vote.Dont ask what electroneum can do for you,ask what you can do for electroneum…vote and support


I gave ETN my vote :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support


Voted thanks for sharing get voting people :smiley:


ETN voted! :sunglasses:


Just cast my vote and will continue to do so everyday.
Will do anything to help ETN grow :ok_hand:


Voted! Come on ETN! The more exchanges the better.


ETN got my vote! :blush:


Have been voting every day on this one. :grin:


thanks for the support


Have already voted…Etn to the moon


I gave ETN my vote :slight_smile:


Now at 9th possition - not bad - but we NEED YOU to help us


Just voted. Please do the same.


Voted. 2,5 milion of people and only 600 vote. Come on guys.


You can voted multiply - but only ONEtimes per DAY so go there multiple times and share this info and POOL with your friends…


Voted, but it’s interesting why ETN with so big community is always so low on voting lists ether now and in the past as well ?

Maybe we do not have so big community after all ?


The ETN team should spread it around the social media also i think more might vote for ETN then :thinking:


People are tired - they signed multiple petition, multiple votes for exchanges and for what…(they thing that team need to pay for exchanges and are very SAD that the price drop so rapidly…)
We won alcoinblitz - no profit from this…
We are very active at OKEx voting - and it ended 12th September and IDK the result but seems that win another project…
This is voting for brand new exchange that will be ready in 2019… so a lot of time when it arrives…
This is the key things that people are not active…


It’s simple solution for this namely there should be a popup window in the ETN app on mobile phone that would announce and inform about important events for ETN so community would get to know instantly and get into action, by doing so we would see 100.000 votes in 24 hours time and not merely 900 :roll_eyes: