VOTE FOR ETN — Turkish Twitter vote


@Annastasia could you post the subtitled video here?


he talked about the youth of the community here and how we get his voting campaign :grin: .talked about the price and the good potential of ETN and how it will be good in the future .he liked the project+ white paper and his noticing and thoughts of coins/technical are followed by the huge number of followers as a follower of him . and the big news is the more follower now has a good view of our best coin ETN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .hopefully we are good tell now :sunglasses::kissing_heart: . this is it .


çok teşekkürler furios!


ooooooo rica ederim önemli değil
:heart_eyes: nice try.
can you speak Turkish?


Haha thanks
Google translate my friend


:sweat_smile::+1: not a big problem you can learn it.