VOTE FOR ETN — Turkish Twitter vote


Listen up everybody. Go vote for Electroneum through this link. It’s to support a video on ETN for the Turkish community. Only 8 hours left so if you see this post vote now. And retweet it! Thanks


Bumping to the top. Bumpy-bump.


dude, it just tells his followers which coin you want to give advocacy for or details about :wink:


He’s asking which coin people want him to do a video about. Twitter translation: “These are the coins I wanted to review in the Video commentary. Which one do you think I’ll start with?”

As we week to close deals in Turkey, this is just what we need now.


We’re up 2 percent already! Keep going folks. Only 8 percent behind the leader, only 7 hours to go. Vote and retweet! This is important.


Voted!! Let get ETN to the top!


Only 7 percent behind now! We’re catching up! Vote and retweet! 7 hours to go!


Down to 6 percent! Keep it up and we’ve got this won! Vote early and retweet! But only 6 hours to go! Hurry hurry!


Voted lets go guys! Show how big we are as a community :slight_smile:


Down to 5 percent! Keep up the great work everyone!


Dr. P, I’ve got to hit the hay. Keep on it in the EU! Night everyone.


If enough on here retweet the post, it will be powerful enough to win.


Now its draw keep voting more and write to comment some kindly words… Last 4 hours…


I voted…for…ETN. …!!


Bump to the top, bump!


Wow! I wake up and we’re 8 percent ahead! This community is amazing. Keep voting and retweeting, we’ve got 1 hour left!


We took the win! I voted a while ago.



Thanks to everyone who voted! Very proud of the community.


Here’s the video! Can someone tell us in English what he’s saying?

Türkiye 'de etn kabul eden şirket var mı? Any company that accepts etn in Turkey?

Hello, the eight of tenacles.
Great Work done here on the topic.
I think @Annastasia subtitled it?
Anyone interested could flick her a PM.