Vote etn for #okex


Please vote etn :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


voted lets do this. Top 2 exchange!!!


I’ve voted already. We all need to vote. :slight_smile:


Voted :grin: everyone need to vote!:rocket:


voted for more liquidity


Lets hope in time more ETN supporter wil join us.


At this time there will be no second channel only this channel. I will be changing the part about being in the group for now as it is no longer needed. Please feel free to vote. You no longer need to be in the group to vote


I’ve voted me too! All 2 millions users of #etn must to vote! You are the power!


Done my vote today…


Just voted, good luck!


Voted, I hope we win


Voted, I hope we win, let’s go!


Very important:
Boys revolted even without joining the group after you go on Twitter follow okex and comment with your username of telegram and the token for which you voted …