Volunteer abroad

I was looking info the SA Electroneum twitter page and came up with an idea…
ETN have people on the ground in SA to help with startups, promoting Electroneum and educate locals how to get involved. Don’t know what is meant by ‘people on the ground’ in respect to numbers (10, perhaps 50 or even 100), but I would think you just can’t have enough if you want to promote ETN in such a large area. Electroneum exposure in local area’s would certainly help. Think about ETN enthusiasts (community) or people that just want to help and educate other people…
There are organisations (i.e. www.volunteerhq.org) that help people spend their ‘holiday’ abroad and join projects on voluntarily basis. They basically travel on their own expense and join a project they have choosen. Wouldn’t it be great to have some volunteers available that could help the team achieving the ultimate goal… Mass adoption!
Has the team thought about this opportunity? :thinking:

Totally with you on this! I am in South Africa, ready to help, free of charge!! Again, all South Africans on this forum will be glad to to this, just need a when, where and how, done deal. bniwde Great suggestion!

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