Visualizing ETN block reward reduction

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How to clearly visualize Electroneum block reward reduction

Step 1: Go to , this is one of top well respected Electroneum mining pools. Specifically we are visiting the blocks page.


Step 2: Acknowledge tabs and columns above discovered blocks.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see Load More button and click it to load more discovered blocks.

Step 4: Scroll down again and click on Load more, you may do this a few times if you wish.

Step 5: Now from top to bottom of loaded blocks, analyze Reward and Date & Time column and you will notice a decrease in block reward.


Conclusion conducted by Succor @

Guys i have done the math, ETN block reward is lowering by a little every block, … but IT WILL HALVE, yes the block reword will be in half every year. Can give an example:

now is 10622
09.06.2019 will be 5300 per block
09.06.2020 will be 2650 per block
09.06.2021 will be 1825 pre block
and so on …
just imagine in 5 to 8 years …the block reward will be something like 200 etn ber block !


Very true.

You can see a real-time graph of the block reward here:

Electroneum has a smooth emission curve with a tail. It looks a lot like the Monero emission curve shown in this image.

Smooth emission curve

Smooth emission means that the block reward is recalculated after each block (as opposed to Bitcoin’s recalculation every 4 years), and thereby creating a smooth decline rather than Bitcoin’s sharp drop. The block reward is a function of the total supply of Electroneum and the amount of coins already mined, and calculating it involves shifting bits (see this article written for Monero, on which Electroneum’s code is based).

Tail emission stage

The tail emission means that at the point where the calculated block reward reaches below a certain value (0.6 ETN in the current code), the block reward will stay at 0.6 ETN into perpetuity. Miners will also, of course, receive the fees associated with the mined transactions.

Block reward penalties

As you’ll see in the graph of block reward above, some blocks have a slightly lower reward than the norm due to the miners trying to squeeze too many transactions into one block, thereby exceeding the block size limit, and getting penalized by having their reward reduced. This is a security feature implemented to prevent an attacker from flooding the blockchain and getting a slight time advantage over other users that first need to download and sync the flood of new transactions before continuing their mining processes.

The block size limit also varies dynamically based on the amount of transactions processed in previous blocks. So it will increase during times of high transactions volume so that the transaction throughput scales up with demand.


Great information guys!


Its been some time now, at the start of this thread we were at block 10,650.

We are now at at 10,215 ETN per block, almost in the 9 thousand range!


Now the block reward has reduced to

8 582.69 ETN



Should be a nice thread post to return to about 6-12 months from now. So we started thread around 10,621 :joy:


Great news :slight_smile: less is more!



Almost below 8000 :scream:


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Currently reward is 7412ETN per block.
This mean we mine 5337360ETN per day


Little by little going down, unfortunately went through a website rebuild, will have to partially update this thread.


Current reward is 7 346 ETN per block.
5 289 818 ETN is mined per day

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