Visual Project Status Updates

Some of the FUD we’ve been hearing centers around not getting enough updates on projects.

I’m not concerned at all about our progress, and trust we will be updated (and things will be announced) at the right time.

However, in an effort to combat the FUD, how about a visual progress report that is updated with a completion percentage and requisite tasks. This is not a new concept as this is exactly what is in place on Ark’s roadmap.

(I’m not here to promote Ark, but this is one concept they are excelling with, and I don’t hear as many complaints from their community about it.)

Although this concept is not necessary for me, the fact is that some people are visual learners and this may help to ease their concerns. Social media posts of updates can get lost over time, perhaps this could provide a centralized location.

Nothing will please everyone, but perhaps this can help.


Same does Cardano and i love this idea.

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I think it is time for some positives? Lets do?


Ooo, I didn’t know Cardano did too, interesting.

There’s also a “completed” section for those who need yet another reminder of what we’ve accomplished so far:


Anything that puts the information across clearly and concisely in a visually engaging way get’s my vote.

I was hoping they’d produce a really slick animated video detailing every aspect of the process, ecosystem, decisions made, complexity, scale and all the moving parts of the operation, as you’re right, many people are visual learners and don’t have the inclination or time to piece together all the snippets of info from updates, interviews, reddit, facebook, here, twitter, linked, GSMA etc. It would not only help to reassure current investors but might also help to onboard new ones.


cool idea! Ethos does it too.

think it would please the community.



This is a great idea. This will remove most of the negative messages on reddit and facebook.


Yes I think this could be a good idea, bare in mind there has been other stuff going on too. Some people have raised real concerns in a grown up way and then get shouted at because there “spreading FUD” this needs to stop and is toxic, people should be allowed to voice there opinions. Threads keep getting closed and also hidden which is really fishy and needs to stop from some of the mods. Before I felt like people said negative stuff and we brushed it aside and laughed about it but now it feels like its become more toxic everyone needs to chill out.


Good idea. I would like that. I don’t need it but it would be cool. :+1:


Yea, definitely not a “be all and end all” solution, but I’d like to think it would help.

As far as the mod stuff, my current sentiment is that they’re being EXTREMELY careful right now. They must know something that we don’t. I myself have had posts deleted, some I can see the point, and some I think were taken out of context. It hasn’t crossed the line to “fishy” yet. To me, my opinion.

This forum is VERY public and I wouldn’t want anything I’ve posted to tarnish the ETN brand or put potential deals in jeopardy. Would anything I post even be capable of that? I doubt it, but then I’m not “in the know.”


Agree! I think this is where ETN falls behind most projects!

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i dont think its a problem, i mean they let naga and his ETN hate videos slide so i dont think its a big deal TBH.

They cant do anything about youtube but he is banned here. Lol

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The Guy’s videos got barely a thousand views, I wouldn’t worry about it. Think of it this way - he pretty much self archived his thoughts for all to see and will be stuck with them in the future.

Look at people like NASA Deputy Associate Administrator Dan Dumbacher, who was a naysayer over SpaceX and reusable rockets. His comments are forever out there.

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