Video on UK crypto tax laws 2019


you tube video explaining tax laws UK 2019 , he sent a letter asking an accountant what the rules are …

he paid for this and is sharing it with us .

edit to add… some f bombs in the video

cryptojack tv


Tax is the Queens money and no one … with the Queen! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


hahaha i laughed out loud on that one


She’s un whateverable anyway! Lol :joy:


Well, hopefully one day I’ll have enough to pay tax on!..or just draw 11,700 x2 each year and not! (if I understand correctly.


if you have a wife and kids at working age gift them it then you have however many 11700 in my case thats 2 me and the wife. so ill be going for 23k per year but the first year do it before tax date and then after so that would be double . then subsequent years 1 each … thats how i took it.


Yep, the (young,) kids maybe 18 by the time I have to worry about drawing anything down, fingers crossed they’re not though 8 years and 13 years is a long hold! Who knows, if that’t what it takes then so be it.


unless i make millions then ill withdraw the lot then pay cgt … that would be nice but the pain of handing over millions to the gov when they did nothing to gain it lol


mine are 1 year older so ill have the daughter too at 16 …


Standard practice, I agree to be honest, but one step at a time eh! I’d welcome a return to profit on my coins to begin with!!


exactly , he mentioned paying tax on it now ?? wtf im at a loss now but then they would know what i have …


I don’t think that’s an issue as you haven’t converted it to GBP, once you do that’s when you hand over a chunk to the queen, remember: Don’t … with the Queen!:joy::joy::joy::joy:


That is Prince Philip’s royal duty!!!


Greet video and thank you for the share.
It is very interesting how crypto is now being taxed in various parts of the world.