Verification Levels in the App

Can anyone explain the different verification levels in the app?

Sure. There are many factors but basically it is as follows.

KYC - “Know Your Customer”: Who are you?

Account Verification Level 1: Personal details added (done during sign up).
Account Verification Level 2: Verification of details provided (ID/proof of address etc).

AML - “Anti Money Laundering”: Prove you are not laundering money for other people, how did you source this amount of ETN?

No levels, just source of funds verification. For example, You just deposited £50,000 worth of ETN in your account having never had more than a few $100 before… prove how you got this, do you earn enough in your job to have purchased it? Did you earn it by selling services on AnyTask or something similar? Did you buy it when it was much cheaper? Did you mine the coins yourself using your mining hardware? Where did it come from?

This is a never ending process, no levels or limits… just the teams legal responsibility to show they have taken the relevant steps to ensure no money laundering takes place on their system.

If you have any questions about the process check out the FAQs and speak to the support team if required.

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